“Bennet and the band” is a unique blend of various music cultures, which believes in experimenting and broadening their horizons rather than confining their music to a genre.   The band comprises of highly talented session artists and musicians with roots in eclectic genres and revolves around the founder member Bennet, who is also a Music Composer and a seasoned performer with a rich experience over 15 years. The band and its concept was conceived in the year 1998 by Bennet as a forum for musicians to be able to collaborate and build around themes of popular Indian film songs while retaining the room for improvising and demonstrating individual artists’ proficiency on their instruments.   The brand of fusion music the band produces is not merely a rendering of Indian music on western instruments but combines elements of Indian and western music without tampering with the feel or hurting the soul of either. The band uses the best of two worlds to weave a tapestry that is turning out to be India’s contribution to world music. The band uses the jazz palette for improvisation based on multiple scales resulting from harmonic changes and combines it with the complex rhythm structures and subtle quarter tones from Indian classical music to an exciting effect.   In the words of the band, their music is perhaps a balanced hybrid of otherwise opposing forces like emotional expression and calculated composition, Indian classical and jazz with overtones of progressive Rock. The band considers it vital to experiment and create music by constantly finding new ways to fuse distinct and unanticipated musical influences.   The gear used by the band includes a wide range like Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Recorder, Flutes, Saxophone, Tablas, Mridangam, Gangira, Keboards, Synthesisers, Piano, Acoustic Drums, Darbuka combined with African drum djembe and classical European instruments Violin, Clarinet etc. together with Electric bass.   “Bennet and the band” ensures that it connects to its audience even as it experiments with various styles and invents new sounds.


Bennet Roland, who hails from a family of Western Classical Musicians, is a virtuoso Guitarist / Music director and also a seasoned performer with abundant experience of 15 years. In this span of time he has travelled through different genres of music and collaborations like the successful rock band “Dreadlocks”, music direction for Malayalam Movie productions and the fusion project "Bennet and the band", which, has enriched his creative skills and musical quotient with Hindustani and Carnatic elements.  An exemplary live performer with a multi-dimensional approach to his music and improvisation skills to match, Bennet delivers it in a unique yet palatable witnessed by numerous venues all over India, Europe, Middle-East and Far-East countries.


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